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Vu TelePresence : Video Conferencing
Vu TelePresence, the Telepresence for Business Owners, is the new way to communicate and collaborate and provides you:HD Quality Video Conferencing on Low Bandwidth, Multi Party Conferencing, PC Sharing & Collaboration, Recording and Archival of Telepresence Sessions, Simple Instant Messenger Like User Interface, Worldwide TelePoint Access.

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Vu TelePresence™
Introducing an ideal way to move away from impersonal conference calls and exhausting travel. Vu TelePresence™ is a better way to do business with HD quality video between you and the person you are talking to. Vu allows you to meet others around the globe and feel as though they are really across the room on surprisingly low bandwidth and low budget.
We aim to replace one of the most revolutionary inventions ever: the Telephone. Transform the way you connect with your clients by replacing everyday calls with face-to-face interactions in true high definition quality. The convenience of HD quality conferencing with eye contact, life-like images, and distortion free sound are just a few of our strengths.
Vu TelePresence™ has the ability to display presentations, documents, browsers, and any application. It also provides an excellent platform for events or large numbers of participants in a Web conference.
Vu TelePresence™, the Telepresence for Business Owners, is the new way to communicate and collaborate and provides you:
 ·        HD Quality Video Conferencing on Low Bandwidth
 ·        Multi Party Conferencing
 ·        PC Sharing & Collaboration
 ·        Recording and Archival of Telepresence Sessions
 ·        Simple Instant Messenger Like User Interface
 ·        Worldwide TelePoint Access
Vu is more than a solution, Vu is an experience! Now that everyone has Vu TelePresence™, don't be the one left out. Get Vu'ed now!
Vu TelePresence™ Pro
Vu TelePresence™ Pro provides you the flexibility to work in your own environment while still making it to those important meetings across the country and avoiding those delayed and cancelled flights. Your staff will appreciate the ease of collaboration provided by Vu TelePresence™ Pro, and you will enjoy the increased productivity and profitability of teams working in unison around the globe. Be comfortable, work where you wish, get Vu'ed.
The Pro is perfect for private conversations between 5 locations, using 1 or 2 screens, 1 PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera and a standard codec. It is ideal for home offices, individual practices, employee conferences, remote workers, employee offices and even the CEO's suite.
This product comes with an option between 1080p Full HD or 720p HD Ready version of Cameras, Hardware Codec Unit, Keyboard and Mouse, Speakers and Microphone.
Vu Technical Specs          



·        High End 8CH DAC & 2CH ADC Integrated USB Chipset   

·        High Quality Aluminum ---Tube Environment sound effects: Room Size Mode / Graphic EQ 12 mode and user setup / Xear 3D   

·        Low Noise Class-D digital amplifier  

·        High quality speaker Drive: Left/Right 2” 8Wx2 Subwoofer 2 1/2” 12Wx1  


·        Headphone Jack 3.5mm   

·        Supports: Microphone Jack



·        Virtual FacetsTMTechnology   

·        Parallel processing using multi-core processors   

·        Multi-party conferencing   

·        Easy PC screen sharing across XP/Vista/Windows7  

·        Recording and archival of video sessions (stores up to 1500 hours of conferences)   

·        Built-in rich Web Client TM(Participants don’t need Vu TelePresence unit)   

·        Built-in presence capability   

·        One-to-Many Web Broadcast*



·        123-key keyboard   

·        Ergonomic design   

·        Optical Mouse



·        Crisp, clear audio   

·        Full Duplex   

·        Acoustic echo cancellation   

·        Noise cancellation   

·        7 feet pick up range



·        1080i/60 or 1080p/30 or 720p/60 

·        HDMI interface   

·        Pan Tilt and 70 Degrees LFV   

·        10x Optical Zoom   

·        TV mountable   

·        Min Sensitivity: 10 lx   

·        Multi-function remote controller



·        720p at 30fps   

·        FireWire HD quality Camera   

·        Pan Tilt and 65 Degrees LFV (Large Field of Vision)   

·        3.8x Optical Zoom   

·        TV mounted camera   

·        Sensitivity: 1.5 lx   

·        Built-in IT filter   

·        Gain 0 to 36dB   

·        Offset: 0 to 511   

·        High quality lens   

·        Multi-function Remote Controller


Vu Dares to Compare

Vu TelePresence™

LifeSize™ and Polycom™

Supports dual monitors

Base models of LifeSize support ONLY a single monitor. Polycom HDX 4000 only supports a single 20.1 inch display. Polycom HDX 6000 only supports a single display

Screen Presentation Sharing and True Collaboration 

LifeSize Passport does not support this. Users have to UPGRADE to more expensive models 

Multi-party conferencing (5 way) 

LifeSize Passport and LifeSize Express do NOT support this and users have to UPGRADE to more expensive models. Polycom RMX series bridge required for some models 

One-to-Many Web Broadcast* 


Web Client 


Hosted service STUN Servers for effective conferencing even behind firewalls 


Vu hosted Public Directory for easier B2B communication 


Built-In presence 

Needs additional presence servers 

24x7x365 video support 

EXTRA $$$ (Per Annum) 

Advanced Consulting Services 

EXTRA $$$ (Per Annum) 

*   Coming Soon 
** All copyrights are of their respective owners. Information taken from Polycom™ and LifeSize™ website as on May 2010 and subject to change.
Vu TelePoint:
Walk in, Vu out.  
Vu TelePoints are conference rooms where you conduct meetings and interactions just like you would in your own office. Vu TelePoint is a fully managed personal meeting space that you can book online and pay-per-hour, as used.

Simply book a Vu TelePoint near you and use it as your own workplace to interact with customers and clients, be it in another city or at the other end of the world.  


As a part of Vu TelePresence™, the TelePoint delivers a high definition video conferencing experience combined with world class ambience and greener, more user-friendly technology.
Key Features:  


·        Pay-per-use TelePresence TelePoints located across the globe. Centralized booking and reservation system developed and maintained by Vu TelePresence 
·        400 TelePoints in the United States and 1500 locations coming soon  
Perfect for executives and high level management, business owners, home based consultants and professionals, home based employees, companies with multiple offices and overseas concerns, SOHO, SMB and mid-enterprise businesses.  
Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Vu TelePoint Franchise!


Universal Netcom Solutions Co.,Ltd. 

22nd Floor PM Tower, 731 Asoke-Dindaeng Road, Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400 
Tel: 66 2248 2090 
Fax: 66 2248 2093

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